Cursor Hider

Cursor Hider Cursor Hider hides the mouse pointer while you are typing text or watch a video Cursor Hider helps you to do a little less of action during working with computer. It removes the mouse pointer from an user focus at a working area so the mouse cursor does not cover the text or picture that you see. Pointer disappears when user keystrokes or after a some seconds withou mouse activity. With any mouse action mouse pointer shows at its place. Futhermore You can turn off the mouse pointer (do cursor invisible) .

e-Pointer 2.20: e-Pointer: The Useful tool for teacher, Draw Computer Screen freely and easy.
e-Pointer 2.20

Pointer View), jpg, jpe, jpeg or bmp files or show files on screen. How to Use: Press hotkey F9 button to minimize e-Pointer, then press again to get new screen; certainly you can also click "Return to Windows" to minimize e-Pointer; Click right button on combo box to select more color and more size of paint tools; Hold Ctrl Alt Shift or them Combined when drawing you can get circle, square, broken line... Our other product: xSpeed: The Fantastic

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Mouse Wrap 3.3: Mouse Wrap is a small utility to enhance the mobility of the Windows mouse point
Mouse Wrap 3.3

Mouse Wrap is a small utility to enhance the mobility of the Windows mouse pointer. It does this by wrapping the movement of the mouse pointer around the edges of the screen. When the pointer touches an edge of the screen it will instantly appear on the opposite side of the screen.

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Enhance Pointer Precision Guardian 1.0: Keeps mouse acceleration on or off.
Enhance Pointer Precision Guardian 1.0

If you`re switching between mouse and laptop touchpad, you may encounter a problem, that the software handling mouse input are turning so called Mouse acceleration on or off (Enhanced pointer precision). If it is so, or from another reason your mouse acceleration setting changes, your problem has just been resolved. This program ensures that it is not happening, i.e. it will keep the Enhanced pointer precision in a required state.

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Instant ThumbView 1.8.6: Displays image thumbnails in a tooltip window next to the mouse pointer
Instant ThumbView 1.8.6

pointer is hovered over an image file in Windows Explorer. It supports a lot of popular image file formats, including BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, WMF, EMF, TIFF and is very handy for quick image viewing. To bring it up, open any folder with image files in Windows Explorer, and then hover an image file with your mouse pointer. Instant ThumbView displays the thumbnail of selected image file in a popup window just next to the mouse pointer. To adjust thumbnail

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NPointer 2.0: Computer control with hand gestures and voice commands instead of mouse
NPointer 2.0

Computer control with simple hand gestures near a webcam and voice commands. The freeware app provides gestural and vocal computer control and navigation by emulating the actions usually performed with a mouse or touchpad: pointer movement, clicks, double-clicks, drags and scrolls. Works on Microsoft Windows with regular and laptop webcams. Disabled people may also use head movements for added accessibility. Does not require installation.

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Power Pointer 1.0

Pointer (C) is a tool that makes your presentation more effective and attractive. Feature list of Power Pointer– Mark and erase ink annotations quickly on your slides Add comment to your slides during presentation Magnify anything in your slides to make everyone see clear Show Task Bar by clicking a button Pick your slides vividly and quickly Set the tool automatically hide up when it starts Change the opacity of the tool`s windows See how long

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